Time (시간); One drama I am happy I did not pay attention to!

Time (시간); One drama I am happy I did not pay attention to!

wt* happened here? were they trying to be revolutionary by killing the main character? I am not the type that enjoys such.


I really did not like any part of this dram. I just ended up appreciating how beautiful Seohyun of SNSD is…

Your Honor

Your Honor

Have you ever watched these drama’s that have one of the simplest dialogues but make a masterpiece? This is one of them! I mean this drama is a court/legal drama with the main character Yoon Shi-Yoon playing a double role, yet it was really easy to digest and exciting at the same time. 

story-line…. (spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!)

So, Yoon Shi-Yoon is a twin. He plays the role of Han Kang-Ho and Han So-ho. So-ho is this really smart guy, that studies hard, and becomes a judge. So-ho is a gangster. He has been to prison 5 times. Their mother gave away Kang-ho to one of their relatives who did not have a son just on family register. This made Su-ho the only son on their family register, and that was good for him in the long run, cause his image was not spoilt by his ex-convict brother. He does not tell people he is a twin.

Lee Yu-Young plays Song So-Eun. A girl who is studying law and later put to train under So-ho. She was training under So-ho not knowing it was not So-ho but Kang-ho the guy that was once questioned by her when she was training under some prosecutor. So-Ho went missing and Kang-Ho was under surveillance by the police again, which made him pretend he was his brother. He made So-Eun write all the judgments, and just reads them. He did not know he was in a position that 2 big companies were involved in and the heirs of other companies were expecting him to clean their mess.


Yoon Shi-Yoon acted really well. You could tell immediately he was playing So-ho or Kang-ho. Lee Yu-Young too was really excellent.

There is a little bit of everything. Not in a bad way. There is law, sexual violence/harassment, romance and so on.

You will not regret watching it. It is one of the few dramas I finished.

VOICE 2 (2018)

VOICE 2 (2018)

Normally, korean drama’s do not do really well in the second season. Like IRIS and a few of them. So I was not expecting much. Also recently, I hardly finish a drama I start. But, Voice 2 was just too good to be left unfinished. Everything was so good that I was so excited for weekends to come. Now here are a few of the best things about this drama;

1- Cast: The first season (voice 1) had two of my favorite actors, Jang Heok and Kim Jae-Wook playing lead roles. I was very much impressed with their actings. I was more impressed that the lead actors, Lee Jin-Wook and Kwon Yul were that impressive. I remember commenting on the site I watch drama’s after watching an episode and being impressed by Kwon Yul’s acting, that “I want to say Kwon Yul is good, but I do not want to place him over Kim Jae-Wook.” Jae-Wook oppa remains forever sexy, just that his new drama “Son: The Guest” is just too creepy for me. I wonder why this genre is gaining recognition of late.

2- Tension: There was really no part of this drama that was a waste. Like no part was not good enough. No part was unnecessary. Every word said and every action taken was super necessary. This drama was able to keep me locked to the screen on every episode until the last one. And even the last episode was such that was meticulously planned. There is no this feeling you get of a drama being rushed or slowed or underbudgeted(?) and so on.

3- Voice 3: Yes! There is going to be the next season. I was unaware that Voice 2 was only 12 episodes until I watched the final episode. I would have preferred to have much to prepare for that end. That end is going to determine a lot of changes in the next season. I would determine if there is going to be a change of the main character, Lee Ha-Na. I would determine if the title of this drama; Voice, gain some sort of sub-title(?) Like there is a lot to look out for in it.


BIGBANG’s Teayang and Min Hyo-rin take their relationship to the next level!

BIGBANG’s Teayang and Min Hyo-rin take their relationship to the next level!

I was lazily going through my Instagram and saw Taeyang’s post that goes by “Hello everyone, this is Taeyang. Today, I want to share with you guys about the most important and joyful promise I have made in my life. I have pledged to spend the rest of my life with Min Hyorin, the one who has always stuck by me for the past four years, Through all the good times and the bad times, she has always believed in me and now I look forward to making a beautiful life together. To all the fans who always treated me as if I was family, to all of my Big Bang members, to all of my YG family, to everyone I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and meet, I want to say  THANK YOU. I will continue to live my life with responsibility and humility. My hope is that you will continue to support us and give your blessings for our future ahead as a couple.”

This made me teary. Not because I am some fangirl who does not want “my Idols” be with some other girl. I was really happy to hear this news. I feel the sincerity of his message. He deserves all the happiness in the world. I am only worried about why he had to make this announcement right before he goes into the military. If it was some other person I would have felt that he was insecure about his girlfriend waiting for him for 18-21 months. But it is Taeyang, So I want to believe this is pure love. Congratulations Taeyang. From a VIP^^


NEW(?) faces that brightened our screens this year! 2017

NEW(?) faces that brightened our screens this year! 2017

Park Hae-soo: He is really number 1 on my list, although this is a random list^^. He really made me understand what it means to like someone for no reason. He is currently starring in Wise Prison Life. He is totally my bias for this year. He has not been in a lot of dramas and movies. It was really hard finding a nice picture of him.park hae soo


Shin Hye-sun: She has been very consistent. I am not a big fan of hers but she has acted alongside actors and actresses I love. She is currently starring in My Golden Life. She was in Oh My Ghost, She Was Pretty, Five Enough, The Legend of the Blue Sea, and Stranger. She did make progress easily visible to the eyes. She is now one really strong female character. shin HS


Park Eun-bin: She played completely 3 different characters just in this same year. She starred in Father I’ll Take Care of You, Ages of Youth Season 2, and Judge vs. JudgePARK eb.jpg


Woo Do-hwan: He has not been in the industry for long. Nevertheless, he has been consistent both himself and his fanbase. He was in Save Me, and Mad Dog.WDH


Chae Soo-Bin: This actress must have been really busy. She somehow is in the same category as Park Eun-bin. She is currently starring in I am not a Robot. She was in Strongest Delivery man and Rebel: Theif who Stole the People. The names of these dramas alone tell a lot. chae soo bin


Jung Hae-in: I liked him in Goblin only. He was in while you were sleeping, Night light and is currently starring in Wise Prison Life. He is a rising star right now. JUNG HAE IN


Yang Se-Jong: He starred only in hit dramas. He was in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Saimdang Light’s Diary, Duel and Temperature of Love. He was exceptionally good in Temperature of Love. It can be thought that he got to stardom pretty early. It is the case, I mean compared to a lot of others that are both good looking and good at acting. But he still deserves the best roles. He is good. yand se jong

Wise Prison Life (슬기로운 감빵생활)! This is pure culture shock

Wise Prison Life (슬기로운 감빵생활)! This is pure culture shock

I did not know I would be writing this soon(?) about a new drama. I really do believe that everyone following this drama would understand why I have such^^ for a title. I was just going through Korean drama list like always. I was like there is really nothing to watch on Wednesday and Thursday. My expectation for Wednesday and Thursday dramas almost died a long time ago.

tvN has gone through some form of revolution I feel. I might just be noticing it right now, but wow, I am impressed. I thought there were no Wednesday and Thursday dramas before. They were two dramas before this wise prison life. They did not really work for me. In fact, they were really not interesting when they were thought of as interesting by others.

This drama, wise prison life got my attention because of the Jung Kyung-Ho. He is not actually the main cast. I felt bad about this. But after watching 4 episodes I am totally in love with Park Hae-So, who is the lead actor. He has not done a lot of dramas and movies too. However, he is a really good actor. Being good is not enough to star in a drama though. So I will say he is super charismatic, and the directors of Reply 1988 saw this to have cast him.

Krystal who I do not want to call the main female lead not to make the drama look like some romcom plays an important character. She is the ex-girlfriend of the main lead. This drama has the best sub characters ever.

Spoiler alert!!!

Park Hae-Soo, plays Kim Je-Hyeok, a baseball player turned a prisoner. He is a big star so was expected to come out on bail, but things went wrong so he had to stay for a year. A lot of things began to happen so he actually had to survive. He is an introvert but he was not totally kind. He has roommates that are not bad but weird people.

His relationship with his cellmates is just the best. When they are fighting or beating up someone, he just turns around and sleeps. He has this roommate that speaks up prisoners rights. once he told them to give them better food. They did give them much chicken the next day. Right before they ate, Kim Je-Hyeok saw a newspaper that showed that there was bird flu. He hid it and just allowed them to eat it. He joined them in eating it too.

The negative thing, however, is how some prisoners act like they are nice but end up being perverts. I really got goosebumps at a scene I will not want to spoil. I do not want to spoil the fun experience for you.

Je-Hyeok’s had ended his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ji-Ho played by Krystal, but they still seem like they are still in a relationship. It is not the normal ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend type of relationship we have been seeing in some Korean dramas, with so many suffocating moments. This one is fun and cute. Ji-Ho’s first visit was too sweet. She went with his mother. His mother visited first. She asked questions like how is the food? is there heater? how is his sleeping space and much more? His replies were positive. Ji-Ho asked him the same question and his replies were all opposite what he told his mom.

This drama is smooth^~^

Go Back Couple….. (Jang Na-Ra is back)

Go Back Couple….. (Jang Na-Ra is back)

None of Jang Na-ra‘s drama has failed to deliver. I am just realizing I am a really big fan of hers. When I first saw the teaser for this drama, I had mixed feelings because of a couple of things;

The main actor. He was Son Ho-Jun. He has been in just one drama I watched (blow breeze). I did not enjoy the drama much though, but I did get the vibe I got from Jo Jung-Seok, popular in oh my ghostess and jealousy incarnate. I also saw posters of a musical he is doing in some subway in Seoul. I was just kind of attracted to him. I wanted to see how he would work with a top star. I mean, it is no big deal, but it was still something worth noting to me.

The date of the drama; the drama is broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays at 10PM on KBS. There is usually a system of drama broadcasting. There is a vibe that weekday drama carry, different from that which a weekend drama carries. I wanted to see how the drama in both weekday and weekend looks like with Jang Na-ra as the main lead. In the same context, there is usually a level where an actor or actress get that you can tell the type of screens and the type of content they work in. It was vague here.

The genre of the drama. This is, of course, a common thing we all look at before checking a drama out. I am sure everyone has begun to think what it is about time slips genre going viral on Korean TV. I almost did not watch this because of that. I already knew it was going to be very predictive. I do wish not to be interpreted wrongly here. I feel like the reason I watch Korean dramas is because they are easily predicted. I would not want to use around 16 or 20 or even 50 hours of my life to watch a drama I will be taken aback at the end. The thing with K-drama is the process. Little things like how the kiss scene in a drama is unique, how the female lead plays her game not to hurt the third party as in love triangle relationships uniquely, how different they play out the emotions and so on.

>>>Currently this drama is making me go over the topic of marriage in my small(?) head again. I even had a serious conversation/fight with a friend while arguing for and not against husbands. This drama has the power to do that, as long as you are not inclined to falling for second leads. Second Lead Syndrome (SLS) is unhealthy.